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I search for invisible things in the air hoping there is where you are, and where they are Sipping on empty things to wash down the entrapped errant despair and Piping all day, hoping this holy smoke carries to your deepestchambers whispers of my succumbing tender lungs with ultimate timeless love & care Pipe & cup all day long, to fill this limitless void caved inside, where sight has no glance not even when all those candles glowing around yourepitaph And the wild birds of air echo this long voiceless symphony from every alveolus, my assumption-less assumption assumes... I hope you are a phoenix... In the end, pleasing psychometric findings to be awarded, for every prayer never rewarded and answer for every obbligato question posed because the saddest ones always start with why?  and why after that why there seems to be no zed?  But its subliminal that’s why I don’t seem to understand... Evanescence is not a part of the fading flesh, never of the glowing spirit  Be …
Stay centered in the Tao for this is the beginning of everything known and that yet to.
Demi lovato

Sorry am not sorry Am savage You make a bad boy feelgood And a good boy feel bad Your long neck drives the white matter into a prurient frenzy And garrotes the grey matter with such phenomenalradiance If twas a game... pelota,emotions pizzicato Am in, this’ a Masters... and am a veteran So when this venomous thought sparks And the fire rages Don’t leave me burning Take the cylinder and put it out Or break the pump So I may burn down to ashesbeyond recognition over this nervous disposition eating me up like a worm I wanted a Picasso’s, a monalisa here you are, like you came from my dream the angel the other night am your parrot in the cage I’ll echo your voice each time you speak For this is an obsession And if they saw how your soul spoke to ma soul It will be like something they never seen A mirror in another mirror Would you tell thereflection? Perfect crime You steal and kill without a gun
She still
She still Dreams Of Good boys And grand weddings Of a person Who’ll rub her back And scratch her rib Slowly and sensationally all night long And all her infinite fantasies Are of a gentleman Who’ll carry her bag In the store  or to church  to bribe god  And one who'll bring her breakfast in bed in winter Candle lit dinners on summers  a million surprises in romantic of ambiances  and uncountable roses on uncountable days uncountable times too She still... wishes for a bad boy Who’ll never hurt her but cook for her and kick the fire out of her ass as the slow sounds of jazz eat up her soul as she feels his strokes throb erroneously in her aorta she still... prays for a good boy a little bad but sent from heaven just for her who’ll; do her garments when she’s heavy and the utensils too especially when she is on energy saving mode and make her some fresh mango juice as she catches her favorite opera she still... hopes to find the one who hits it repeatedly  like a mad intoxicated batman from Wichita eyeing the…

I hope this letter finds you in the best of moods that you may acquaint yourself with every word and emotion engraved in it and not trash it in the expensive bin the way you have always done to my blurred ambition. I won’t beat around the bush just as you don’t, and so through this ink I face you without a full stop of fear because now is now as there is never another chance to tell the truth. First I want to let you know I’m much and much more disappointed with you beyond measure or any other form of calibration or degree than the way you were disappointed with my Afro kinky hairstyle when I met you in the lift going out for lunch in a swanky hotel somewhere in town I guess. Hey pretty professor you still judge peopleby their looks? Oh damn… Is it your ego or doctorate trying to disapprove the old adage “DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER”?Well I have no degree of my own I guess that’s what makes you see me as a senseless walking creature. But as I stroll o…
Parenting and parenthood

For long I’ve wanted to write about this but I remember that it’s a subject that I’m still a freshman to. With such timid knowledge and experience on the subject matter, I have always felt like a blind man leading those of similar sight as his because of the of the ocean ahead and the deepness of this ‘invisible’ trench. However that within has a way of finding its way out and mostly life must be lived without experience and for that matter we base our truths on knowledge apriori as clarified by Kant. It is this assertion that energises me as if I am holding a can of energy drink to my mouth even though I personally never feel energised after passing a pair of them down my throat. In my mid-twenties I sometimes feel like I have been too long around on this soggy ball floating in space. One thing that kind of scares (for lack of a better softer word) me is parenthood. Looking around I see lots of peers with little ones and others bellies heavy with life due in a…
Dorothy (Do) She resonates melodiously in my head like  Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

                       I never knew you would do me as a nerd
I never
Phenomenal feminine
I want a girl A girl with head head like marie curie A lady with a voice bolder than Maya's A woman with dreams dreamsthat Sir Ellen Johnson sirleaf awes at A woman with visions that surpass those of Joan of arc’s A brave mother Definitely Wangu Wa Makeri's bravura I need me a phenomenal feminine With a jewish stand on a saturday afternoon To calm me this beasts too I need me a phenomenal feminine
Wild Goose 
Sometimes I have to lie, but I do it for you You don’t lie, but I know you do it for I  The rains hit us, neither did the wind forget to maul us, but hands we clasped...firmly than a mortise lock Neither did the hell hot sun evaporate the highly volatile images perceptibly floating in us
Our souls burn brightly in each others eyes The long timeless stares remind me of doctrinal miracles and the unseen forces of physics and chemistry So we found ourselves unconscious converts Of this invisible imaginary religion with no god abracadabra or science and pragmatic theory  To assert its origin For no particular thing pulled us together If not this complicated entombed emotion that sits on and o'er Philosophy intoxicatingly caressing psychology goofily That’s the kind of love our dreary and weary souls wild-goose chased

You won over my heart

So put on that ribbon forever

And hold this rosette like your ever only


If I wasn’t a poet then I would be the poem
Cheeto love

She loved me like cheeto
Her cream, deli , burrito & soup

You are a bomb, let me detonate you.

You are bad like your home Pakistan

And am a hardliner from Khazakstan

Big bang theory

She is the thaumaturgy of midnights whisper

And the ethereal magic of winters spark

Oscillating in my braincase as an atom in quiescent space

Her complex body language stirs up memories of Latin verbs in my Herculean mind

 Dilating the conscious conscience within with such transmundane glamour & celestial glee, 

yet still constricting the coniferous pessimistic thought  

she is the sweet barbiturate lulling the gods of love and men of philosophia to deep Goliathic sleep

Her taintless body and dirty mind uproars ethics 
into this nostrum pandemonic nebula

Bang! ... There goes another big Big Bang theory

Men are always going somewhere
Judge them not by the shoe they wear
But their bold and care
And how they dare
These journeys are not to scare or wear
So just don’t sit on a chair
This is the mission of profundity

Oh!  How painful, sorrowful, heart breaking
emotion stuttering in a brief, it was and still is
Seeing you invincibly and invisibly disappear from existence
Slipping into thin airs
outta the world into the dark universe
masqueradingwithout notice nor alarm
Like you and I never knew you did
ever exist in existence
We should haven’t said goodnight
See you... we’ll talk in the morning
Maybe that was the envy of the fading old wrinkled barren jealous evening
sagging creepily on the evening golden sky linings
That blew this voiceless cold sordid fate whistle,
from the devils arduous squalid lips uns’to where you lay,
prowling like a dark cat on onto the placid soul
In all that burning humility, concrete resilience and undying ember of hope That beasts‘ kiss cruel
Its whisper violent, ugly its face, inhuman its feasts and ghoulish it’s thought
And invidious is its smile & intention
Taboo its name
But still on every day’s pulse I pray you wake up from where you lay
Or rather I from this horr…
There is nothing pricier and beautiful in the whole of nature in its diversity, the universe in all its grandeur, paradise in its splendidness and heaven in its awesomeness than your beautiful picture that hangs down on the walls of my soul and mind. It is criminal how you stole my heart...elegantly fading away into yours. If the heavens could speak, this you would’ve  heard in your heart not in grandiloquence but with utmost innate and verdant simplicity ever to caress your witty thought.  The worst was to imagine there existed better than I of a heart filthy rich and pure like extra virgin olive oil, that would ever rob me of you and render me a coot in beautiful agony and vexing verminous trauma for you are too fineFiner than fine You deserve the best not better

My love is deeply rooted                      into the magical dale of your soul as I search for the thirst                   quenching and life giving drop History knows names                    of lovers Bonny and Clyde Romeo and Juliet But my heart sparkles                     at the utter of your name You are the viceroy from god                  and the Apollo of my world Your sweet stinging thought hums            and  flies around my defenseless head like a swarm of hornets
      and like an oaks roots, deeply into you  am rooted
Window pane poems

And all those window pen poems

I still hope;  to read them to you

Word to word, punctuation mark to the other

Soul stirrer,
                             Fear blocks our way to chances

Do not fear greatness

I have been in deep thought but deep thought has been in me too.

Do not find fault, forgive.
Do not judge, correct.
Do not blame, take responsibility.
Don’t just watch, speak, act.

All because life is short, shorter than your very last thought alive.
Fear of failure is the enemy of success, hope, change, hard work growth are the ingredients of success. You are the chef, make your own sauce.
The worm under the compost pit knows where the heat is most

We all volcanoes, just don’t be the dormant one.

I believe one love is one god
How about

How about
            You let me out?

Mad city
The city is mad

Yes it is

Let the clouds cry and you’ll know 

But the termites are happy

Yes they are

I can see them in the lucid visions

On the anthills from savannah to the countryside

How they hungrily dance in the mid airs

As if tasting the tasteless tears from heaven

Now I hope you hear the bee buzzing drain stenches

And see the auto drivers wishing pilots and pedestrians wishing for wings

Mad city why do you bite me with such cold?

Is it because I scold full of bold?

I still dream
Of you
As a poor man of heavens reward of riches

 Embracing hope like a job seeker in the evil midday haze and poisonous hunger in a park
Thinking of the source of his next meal and buck
Or the only job I’ll ever be blessed to get

Of you and none other this dream is all about

Count on me
One two three
To infinity
Till you run out of breathe

Yes, till you run out of breadth
Nailante                                                         She is my dark Nilotic beauty                                                          that stands tall                                                          with cassava white teeth                                                          and cute shiny pupils .                                                          Tall over the rest                                                          with such humble intimidation                                                          that none seems to notice.                                                         Taller than a jumping  moran on a peak.                                                          Her black skin a choice to all,                                                          and a voice favourite to all.                                                          Her soul bursts gushing with love                                                          and he…