Demi lovato

Sorry am not sorry
Am savage
You make a bad boy feel  good
And a good boy feel  bad
Your long neck drives the white matter into a prurient frenzy
And garrotes the grey matter with such phenomenal  radiance
If twas a game... pelota,  emotions pizzicato
Am in, this’ a Masters... and am a veteran
So when this venomous thought sparks
And the fire rages
Don’t leave me burning
Take the cylinder and put it out
Or break the pump
So I may burn down to ashes  beyond recognition
over this nervous disposition
eating me up like a worm
I wanted a Picasso’s, a monalisa
here you are, like you came from my dream
the angel the other night
am your parrot in the cage
I’ll echo your voice each time you speak
For this is an obsession
And if they saw how your soul spoke to ma soul
It will be like something they never seen
A mirror in another mirror
Would you tell the  reflection?
Perfect crime
You steal and kill without a gun


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