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You won over my heart

So put on that ribbon forever

And hold this rosette like your ever only


If I wasn’t a poet then I would be the poem
Cheeto love

She loved me like cheeto
Her cream, deli , burrito & soup

You are a bomb, let me detonate you.

You are bad like your home Pakistan

And am a hardliner from Khazakstan

Big bang theory

She is the thaumaturgy of midnights whisper

And the ethereal magic of winters spark

Oscillating in my braincase as an atom in quiescent space

Her complex body language stirs up memories of Latin verbs in my Herculean mind

 Dilating the conscious conscience within with such transmundane glamour & celestial glee, 

yet still constricting the coniferous pessimistic thought  

she is the sweet barbiturate lulling the gods of love and men of philosophia to deep Goliathic sleep

Her taintless body and dirty mind uproars ethics 
into this nostrum pandemonic nebula

Bang! ... There goes another big Big Bang theory