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The royals wedding

Oh… what a heart rendering Emotion stealing Laughter busting Dance enthralling Joy brooding Moment capturing Time stopping Memory filling Mind escaping Mouth watering Charming. blossoming love bonding and blooming mixture of concoctions and coincidences escaping into the still time. Beautiful  women Ghanaians to Ethiopians Heavenly fumes and intoxicating music Chariots and maiden horses Cadillac eldorados and Rolls Royce limousines exotic cuisines, expensive white carpets  & tents classy designer outfits & cuff links like a white birthday cake party by a candle lit pool  under the dry golden evening African skies in green golden serene landscapes the yacht honey moons on private islands….
a poor man dreams harder on cold floors.
The Love Alchemist

The presence of her goddess essence was beyond magnificence that it made the eye forget to blink
The only definition of beauty I knew and could ever imagine of

Amidst all creation of the infinite universe
Her thought turned my head a whirlwind
As the musical voice sent my soul to unexplored lands and galaxies
to empty lonely balconies on beach fronts
Her sinful velvet touch was no match
Gentle as pooh bears fur on the dark, seasoned, leather-tough Bantu skin
Her heart was bigger than the world vibrant like the evil West African drums 
I could hear it beat under my rib cage
As her broad pretty smile envied by the rainbow kept messing up my OS
like a Chinese virus infested gadget.
Hers was genuine, timeless
 and priceless like a pirates map to the secret riches
I was falling, falling deeper
Not scared to get hurt
For I saw no end to where I was falling
love was a fairy tale yet to be told to the world
eagerly awaiting with an open ear
her absence was such a big vacuum none could ever…
Zoroastrian priest

Can I cry because I lost her?

Should I regret because I didn’t talk to her?

I know I wish I knew her

The chances we didn’t snag

Haunt us like silent wild white ghosts on lonely nights or  mundane noons

As the nebulous images fill the apperception and bury us in regret dunes

Sometimes I wanna speak in a desolated language like a Zoroastrian priest

I numb at the gems down the drain
Fairy memoirs of a gentleman

Let me curse myself and wish my name was magus


Hi there
I see you huh!
You say you’re fine
But nah you ain't

Your scotch brown dreads
Speak of resilience
And your dark skin
That drips dark chocolate like sweat in the cold

Know much of the merciless scotching of the sun
And the tear gas pregnant air
Wandering bullets voices
That speak with silence

You say you have been robbed of huh?
You know your right, right?
But you die with silent murmurs

The walking moody stump
Didn’t care to say hello on Monday

Neither goodbye on a Friday
Price of wind

Tell me the price of wind

I wanna buy it

And stuff it in my room

All to myself

as they are busy fighting for oil

Not to blow my secrets away

But fly me across the world

Like the witches broom

How many bucks or pennies for it?

For my study lamp all night

Or ounces of gold

To cast despair away

and bellow forth felicity

The whispers of the devils in the other worlds

I wanna hear

What cost does it take

For the wind vane to point my direction?

I wanna sway

Like the coconut

And palm trees in the storm

From the unwavering energy

Tell me the price of wind I wanna buy it.
Not yet uhuru
My back aches when I rest
With pain my nerves glow
My consciousness,  they suppress not to grow
In the veins , tiredness I can feel it flow
I cant sleep, there’s water on the floor
My soles from the journeys might blow
This is a hustle not a show
You better wake up at four
And use your mental  fingers to draw
If you desire a little more
Stay true to your core

It’s not yet uhuru

Aunt Penny's telegram was short and it read “HELLO HOWDY DOODY  WORK HARD, YOU WILL BE GREAT”
soothsayer's tooth

Oh! Am lucky

lucky like the soothsayers tooth
This is for you Martha

You inspire me as Jesus to a wannabe saint

The raging wind to a dying fire 

An atom of Oxygen on burning coal

This spark, now I can roar and thunder again

This is for you Martha

And these roadside flowers

Who planted them?

How many people do you think they have seen?

How many times have they been stepped on?

Which types of shoes did you say they know?

If they loved you dear roadside flowers

The water in their bottles you could drink

Not choke from their plastic sweet wraps or the toxic gas from their autos

Please lend me your resilience

Ooh my baby
My baby is crying
I don't know what she wanna say
Ooh my baby
She blinks frequently
That's why  love her
I can't forget you my baby
To church or class
In the mid of a conference or prayer
I'll still get a glimpse of you
You are my everything
My face on your interface
Vice versa too
I love what I see
You are my world
With all these friends
And messages from allover the world too

If I had to choose, 

I would choose another you

A girl with eyes that levitate me

And a voice that lulls me to sleep

Like a royal baby on codeine

If she has to walk on these rocks 

Let them be her runway

With an award winning confidence smile
tearing up her pinky velvet smooth chin

She will have head and always keep it high above the trees

Like an Andean condor scavenging in summer

A lady with a soul not a voice

O'er and o'er it's you always that I'll choose

Everybody is borrowing a buck

The corrupt filthy assembly of pigs too
Whom will I borrow from?
My professor is selling passed down brassieres
who will teach me?

And these religious leaders, my only pocket change for "blessings" they mug me for

Am a poor mortal with "nothing and no voice"


Hey over there
Look at me waving at you
I see you mumbling to yourself in dirty tattered clothes
Are you speaking to your soul maybe?
Sometimes quarreling the whispering trees
I wonder why? Or you heard them gossip harshly about you behind your back?
But maybe they don’t sway in the right manner they are supposed to
Like a naughty campus girl in a short loose skirt with a hot intention on a freezing Friday noon down the hallway
Those bugs .. .how do you live with them? Don’t they bite you?
They look fat, you must be healthy and full of nutrients
Maybe you just an extreme insect lover while I am the phobic here

And what is that you eat?
How are your intestines comfortable with that?
Do they have eyes like mine? Do they see?
Don’t tell me they don’t have a voice
Mine have the usual trippy feminine sensitivity
Sometimes the growls would tell you I ate lions
Yet I only was at TACO BELL, KFC and DOMINOS
Nothing else apart from tasting Suzie’s SUBWAY  foot long, salad  and the latte from  STARBUCK…

                                           If I had one last moment                                    To speak, to HER                            I don’t know what I would tell her                      ...Numb...                 Because the silent gazes          And the burning teary eyes Could deafen her now hazy soul
and blind my eyes from her conspicuous sparkling ceramic  toenails
as her short English all flower embroidered dress hold spell bound a stags thought    I need a pompous grandiloquent peroration with Charlotte            Just a moment, but a golden God-touched one
                  You don't know what you mean to Venus
                         Just one kiss of those lips could bring us back to life
Purple haze and codeine

Two different time zones,
Seconds, years to centuries apart
Two worlds in two different universes
Am walking to heaven now with these muddy feet
For god so loved the world
If I jump from this skyscraper I won’t break
Ooh hallucinations….
Drugs are not for humans


I travel to places
I meet faces
Pale and dark
“Civilized and uncivilized”
All burning under one sun
And running for cover from the same rain
Same reaction to the cold
As their lungs compete for the same strokes
Not to mention geography told me one planet
And same moons too
Nature is colourful
Without doubt  that’s its beauty

So tell me what is this colour thing all about now?

Breathe ego breathe...

In death there s no breath

You'll die ego

What a goddamn'it!!!

Storms on Jupiter, head on fire

A thousand drops, don't save my soul

Truth and wisdom, logic set me free

Zeus, I wanna rain over Roma

Thunder and roar than king lion of Judah on the mountains of Zion

Poetic Caesar

I cut the word with my mental scissors

Like a cannibal of the Savannah, deep in with my incisors too


Your white mane maiden horse

The snow white skin

They make you a beauty

A heart of the royals

you reincarnate me a loyal

When the early morning crow caws

Bumble for burgoo and caviar

The neighs, the saddle awaits you

Beyond the horizons your mystical footsteps are yearned

From this cell the caged bird sings

A curse to the colonel

The doom whisper to the masters


The sun and stars live in your land

The saxos, violins and harps can't wait to be plucked to your tune of glory

Lets not be silly
Lily you were and still a lily
Worth than a zilli
A fire when chilly
Now I wonder really?

No more cranberry juice
Ice cream and choc flakes
Do you bank on my mistakes?
Tell me what it takes
To build up from quakes

I see myself in your head
The rose in your bed
My heartbeat even when dead
For me you were made
So precious even if you were lead

Outta the ghetto
Without stilettos
The queen without peso
The best to paint her was Picasso

Like mad villains dancing to wild drums
And trees bleeding for justice
Even the dead trunk complained
I walk on dust, I walk on water
Truly, all God's children need walking shoes