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Men are always going somewhere
Judge them not by the shoe they wear
But their bold and care
And how they dare
These journeys are not to scare or wear
So just don’t sit on a chair
This is the mission of profundity

Oh!  How painful, sorrowful, heart breaking
emotion stuttering in a brief, it was and still is
Seeing you invincibly and invisibly disappear from existence
Slipping into thin airs
outta the world into the dark universe
masqueradingwithout notice nor alarm
Like you and I never knew you did
ever exist in existence
We should haven’t said goodnight
See you... we’ll talk in the morning
Maybe that was the envy of the fading old wrinkled barren jealous evening
sagging creepily on the evening golden sky linings
That blew this voiceless cold sordid fate whistle,
from the devils arduous squalid lips uns’to where you lay,
prowling like a dark cat on onto the placid soul
In all that burning humility, concrete resilience and undying ember of hope That beasts‘ kiss cruel
Its whisper violent, ugly its face, inhuman its feasts and ghoulish it’s thought
And invidious is its smile & intention
Taboo its name
But still on every day’s pulse I pray you wake up from where you lay
Or rather I from this horr…
There is nothing pricier and beautiful in the whole of nature in its diversity, the universe in all its grandeur, paradise in its splendidness and heaven in its awesomeness than your beautiful picture that hangs down on the walls of my soul and mind. It is criminal how you stole my heart...elegantly fading away into yours. If the heavens could speak, this you would’ve  heard in your heart not in grandiloquence but with utmost innate and verdant simplicity ever to caress your witty thought.  The worst was to imagine there existed better than I of a heart filthy rich and pure like extra virgin olive oil, that would ever rob me of you and render me a coot in beautiful agony and vexing verminous trauma for you are too fineFiner than fine You deserve the best not better

My love is deeply rooted                      into the magical dale of your soul as I search for the thirst                   quenching and life giving drop History knows names                    of lovers Bonny and Clyde Romeo and Juliet But my heart sparkles                     at the utter of your name You are the viceroy from god                  and the Apollo of my world Your sweet stinging thought hums            and  flies around my defenseless head like a swarm of hornets
      and like an oaks roots, deeply into you  am rooted
Window pane poems

And all those window pen poems

I still hope;  to read them to you

Word to word, punctuation mark to the other

Soul stirrer,
                             Fear blocks our way to chances

Do not fear greatness

I have been in deep thought but deep thought has been in me too.

Do not find fault, forgive.
Do not judge, correct.
Do not blame, take responsibility.
Don’t just watch, speak, act.

All because life is short, shorter than your very last thought alive.
Fear of failure is the enemy of success, hope, change, hard work growth are the ingredients of success. You are the chef, make your own sauce.
The worm under the compost pit knows where the heat is most

We all volcanoes, just don’t be the dormant one.

I believe one love is one god
How about

How about
            You let me out?

Mad city
The city is mad

Yes it is

Let the clouds cry and you’ll know 

But the termites are happy

Yes they are

I can see them in the lucid visions

On the anthills from savannah to the countryside

How they hungrily dance in the mid airs

As if tasting the tasteless tears from heaven

Now I hope you hear the bee buzzing drain stenches

And see the auto drivers wishing pilots and pedestrians wishing for wings

Mad city why do you bite me with such cold?

Is it because I scold full of bold?

I still dream
Of you
As a poor man of heavens reward of riches

 Embracing hope like a job seeker in the evil midday haze and poisonous hunger in a park
Thinking of the source of his next meal and buck
Or the only job I’ll ever be blessed to get

Of you and none other this dream is all about

Count on me
One two three
To infinity
Till you run out of breathe

Yes, till you run out of breadth
Nailante                                                         She is my dark Nilotic beauty                                                          that stands tall                                                          with cassava white teeth                                                          and cute shiny pupils .                                                          Tall over the rest                                                          with such humble intimidation                                                          that none seems to notice.                                                         Taller than a jumping  moran on a peak.                                                          Her black skin a choice to all,                                                          and a voice favourite to all.                                                          Her soul bursts gushing with love                                                          and he…
Rolling stones
Rolling stones gather no moss
But YOU…
I hope I will

As the universe has rolled me into you
Am here wasted       So I’ll forever  lie on this chunk of ice          and save the energy           In this desolated sea            Like a walrus or sea lion      And catch the last rays
Of the horizon sinking sun

You were told the truth?
             Ooh wow so how did you know it is?

                         Because they said it is?

Can you build trust
With a hammer, saw, nail, plumb line and spirit gauge?

Shovel, Stone and mortar perhaps

The junkies diary

Yaaawn …my arms and bones My feet too lazy outta the bed But oh no my stomach too worse And the worms about to kill me for their rights Barely past six but anyway a can of tuna and four crumbled eggs Nough to hold the wait Till eight When I’ll have to do my enemy some justice So I’ll have respect for humanity and not throw the leftovers away This Macon is lucky no more The fury of escaping my canines yester night Will boomerang before I think of the official opener…
The first tee Maybe tea At eight Under a tight guard and escort  of cookies and cream But American doughnuts give a sweet day gesture  too. A small bowl of oat and milk Science knows what a good heavy breakfast is to the body and brain too And yes because I need the energy to sit on this fluffy couch all day And when I tire the carpet to feel this weighty wrath Cartoon and cereal all day and then My pad against Mr. Xing’s Xbox is darling

But first, a break at ten

To clear the warehouse FIFO is my prin…

Somewhere in between the industries and the highway
Down to the slum’s tail
Through the dirty stuffed belly
With it’s dark empathy it flows

Through the DARK CITY & DARK NATION  too

Your rich heart....

Could I call you Rockefelleress?
Put yourself to tests
Peace and one piece

                               I need to be in peace and in one piece.
                                                          Take this piece of paper and write

    One word that I mean to you

                            And a million things that I remind you of
Out of control

You springing me out of control

 spinning me so high out of space

don’t let me out of your control
Old and clever


I am older and cleverer

Two seconds

I am not the same person in the mirror two seconds ago
Who am I?

“I know who I am”
One day, one time a single a single second

These sheep you scold like wild wolves

And hunt like wild pigs

With their thin strangling slips and fat taxes

Yeast is no closer to gold

But for all bread it makes

Watch lanes

Capitalist worshipper

White ass licker

Craving to buy the world

Do you have a barn large enough?

             Can you measure my loyalty
                               And the fine in character and goodness in my heart too

                                                                                                                               With a yardstick?
Now I know
                                   Now I know why the bat stands upright

As the world dangles upside down
Mr. Johns flying shoe

                                                                                                      on Mr.                                                                                        it              only          John  Doe                                                          put                               when                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           only                                                         late                    Had                                   he                                                                                                                        
                              A   flying shoe
                                     SOUL FOOD

                               More soul food than eye candy
You tore my heart like the curtains of the temple on a peaceful noon
And behold darkness fell upon the soul as the sun dimmed instantly
The sky fell from above and the world turned upside down
A lion or cat?
None could differentiate
For from your arms to dust a star had fallen
The betrayal of the one true to the religion of your heart
Evil had triumphed over good
I died a martyr from the one I searched my soul in
My name should have been engraved on your soul on creation
or tattooed on your skin for all to know
and canonised like the Ugandan martyrs
Mad poet

I saw a wandering and wondering mad poet

With the rag around his head on fire

Lazy writer

Am a lazy writer not, just trying to overcome circumstances
souls of my shoe soles and soles of my soul shoes
The trails on the dunes 

                      And the skin...
       Mamba escapades, 
      Open sore scorpion wounds,                           wild storms of death,
   scorching despair,
The hope in the horizon sinking sun

I grace heels to                                                 

   Believing this thirst it quenches
Journey to success

Stay unmatchable & unchangeable the journey to success needs resilience.
Who we are

If they ask who we are tell them what we are made of instead
Its ma world
Its cold

my head and heart are frozen

Heaven is real
And before I forget about myself
For a second, minute or year maybe
Let me congratulate myself
                              For the battles l fought and lost wearily
The silent tears that have flowed down the oesophagus
into my whiny malnourished belly
the journeys I’ve come bare heeled
“The strange paths” I’ve followed and chosen
Setting fire to the rain and dancing with dragons
Meditating all night with the angels …oh heaven is real

“We are gods in the chrysalis”
                                 I met a gypsy in the night
                            She whispered of the dream about you