I hope this letter finds you in the best of moods that you may acquaint yourself with every word and emotion engraved in it and not trash it in the expensive bin the way you have always done to my blurred ambition. I won’t beat around the bush just as you don’t, and so through this ink I face you without a full stop of fear because now is now as there is never another chance to tell the truth.
First I want to let you know I’m much and much more disappointed with you beyond measure or any other form of calibration or degree than the way you were disappointed with my Afro kinky hairstyle when I met you in the lift going out for lunch in a swanky hotel somewhere in town I guess. Hey pretty professor you still judge people  by their looks? Oh damn… Is it your ego or doctorate trying to disapprove the old adage “DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER”?  Well I have no degree of my own I guess that’s what makes you see me as a senseless walking creature. But as I stroll on these pitiless streets I wanna let you know that am a mad soul so when you see me in the rugged t-shirt and short washy jeans please spare me your judgement and mind your business if at all you have any,
 You leave lots of questions roaming my head like the wandering space rocks and I wish you were here to answer them like those tough exams that you used to subject us to in order to “determine our destiny”. I hope you haven’t forgotten you used to appear thrice or so the whole semester. You remember how we used to look for you for weeks just to submit our research work that you had less time to guide us through it? Have you forgotten all the times we scheduled to meet you professor and at the last minute you would put us off for other important businesses? Ooh the turkey games … no I understand you were and are always committed, a person of your rank you must be. Finally almost the last day of the semester we got you. And here you were your majesty, sometimes dozing off amid the presentations, barely two lines into it. Lucky are those whom you made it through the introduction and here you are awarding us “what we truly deserve”. Anyway I might be wrong judging your slumber, maybe you were just consulting the gods about our presentations. However I wanna know if you are a teacher or a judge.
All this time as your student I have been still and few of verbal words partly because of your “power” but most importantly because I was learning, teaching myself what you elite doctors never taught me. Learning needs a favourable environment so I had to create the stillness in the turmoil your system had created all along. As a miserable creator and artiste I needed order for in it all creation is borne forth. A turmoil you lest know of as you revolve in your big leather seat feeling the pleasures of life. Reaping your sweat right? Maybe... I have nothing against your pleasures but I wonder what’s this itching you about mine? Being in that comfy chair does not make you God but a servant, however I have seen it derail you from humanity or is it the usual prestigious  feminine ego gnawing on you?
The infinite times I have stepped in your office to be honest have not changed me or added value to what I have been searching for in your institution rather they have dampened me and tripled my sorrows please don’t  be blinded by the humility I wear on my face. You have turned me into a rebel , a sidelined hardcore and I hope you can see the nails in my flesh and the tetanus on my  open wounds as I write this and the blood on my lips as I smiled out of your fancy office then. Where is the help I have been searching for all this years? Is it the lectures about my hair, shoes and socks? No that’s not what I came for dear ex professor. Maybe am just a repressed fashionista. However I came to study and get that degree because the gods of conformity said I wouldn’t make it in life without one. Oh! Really?
Is that where the world has reached? Where human beings can determine another’s destiny? Tell me because I have no doctorate maybe if I had one I would know. You are the righteous one with your descent suit and expensive weave. Now I wonder what does the world hold of us with kinky long hair? If I may ask do suits, ties and well kempt hair reflect ethics and morals?
How many religious leaders in suits, well trimmed hair and long pointed leather shoes and suits have we heard of devour their loyal sheep? How many legislators in imported Italian suits and other classic designer wear have robbed us of our taxes? And used their power to have the poor mortal protesting for their rights sent to meet their maker before their due appointment? I’m yet to see a president with a piercing or a tattoo but how many do we know of who have molested their servants? Should I step in your shoes and judge them for all the atrocities they have committed? No they are just too many to mention as humanity is what they lest know of. I am not God so I leave their deeds to Him.
However madam professor with your DOCTORATE I would like to know or see with my blind eyes of the contributions to humanity you have made so far. I am yet to HEAR YOUR VOICE when CORRUPTION and ETHNICITY is burning this nation and much more that I can’t spew out now. Where are you when your campus girls are dropping their lingerie down for their grades to be raised up and your “sane decently dressed” lecturers are receiving  handouts in exchange for grades. Is this the sanity you expect me to conform to and brag around to be an alumni of? Is this what you expect me to carry around in the name of your institution? I am never ever going to conform to any of what these “righteous” men have passed into my system. I am not here to hoodwink society or other breathing creatures I will tell it as it is. I will paint the picture I saw not that which you think or tell me. However I will forever remember the few insane teachers who stood by their word and not by that of society’s. A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd and be sure this I what I am doing. Henrik Ibsen said a true man is he who stands alone
 How you see the chip in my eye with the log in yours still is a puzzle to the meek soul. My struggles and pain you don’t know yet still you have the guts to tell me what to put on, what kind of teacher doesn’t understand the mental struggles of their students?  Stop judging and start thinking you could see the Aristotle or Plato in me for what is under my grey and white matter may not be on my skin. These clothes are only here to hide our shame and it is not my mistake that we are ashamed of our bodies, that Eve and Adam know. So we are hiding our sin in clean decent wear  pretending we are perfect. No we are not, we are the same foolish human beings thinking we are above others because of our WEALTH, CLOTHES and TITLES we hold. Read a book, stop judging it by the cover. THE WHITE SUIT AND TIE LIE AM TOO POOR TO BUY. Poor are us the non conformity gods, not religion, politics or norm core, if God was fair he should have created a world for us but till then we create one for ourselves. Bye for now & peace till then .


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