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Do not despise me, Do not cover your nose And spit when you see me Am just a city garbage collector looking for bread for my table
My clothes are tattered but not my mind I eat dirt with my mouth but not my soul My body sleeps in the cold wild but not my heart Am just a city garbage collector I live I have a life too
Poor pay, poor healthcare, poor education Poor housing, poor security, poor infrastructure Poverty poverty, cheap politics, cheap thoughts, cheap life Am just a city garbage collector, I have a voice I am human
You raise my taxes then raise your pay In swampy deals and scandals you swim The law, the vice you use to blindfold, bind and intimdate us  Am just a city garbage collector, I have a voice


Where will it come from? When will it come and why is it not coming? I yearn this I crave that I am obsessed, all I cant have I love this I love those too, all I can’t love I want and want, more and more, what I want is more
Then I realize I am just an empty soul full of desires What am I without it? Where will I be without it? Why should I be without it Without it what will I have
Am just an empty soul full of desires I realize A vacuum dead hollow trunk with mountains of desires A river without water, a planet without a universe Life without an algorithm I am life without the life
If I miss a shooting star, I would be deeply gazing into your eyes For your thought escapes me not And takes me to abstract spaces I’ll defy age to search for you, I saw you in my head and in reality I have to find you And catch you over the edge of the cliff before you fall into this ocean of despair That I used to swim in before I saw you and you saw me You are my universe and I am your planet, your everything You are my star,  Your orbiter I am,  My circadian cycle you control I will forever get lost without you, searching for you where I don’t know Walking under the streetlight floating in your space For I hope to wake up to you from my deepest dream In the dead of coldest nights because you burn like fire and glitter like mercury You fill my nostrils with the sweet wild berry scent on a winter morning Not forgetting the evening lilac fumes, the jihad that jilts my fantasies
If I had anything to say to your ear, the whispers of the heart would…
Remember when the valley is too steep and very deep you need more time to climb and most important resounding courage. Extra ordinary skills, special capabilities and refined continued renewed energy is the strength and at the same time weakness of the task.
Out of the body out of the mind experience One of the processes that I feel I can’t control. Without knowing I get out of my body and mind into a no time and gravity free void. How this happens is a mystery. I can see my body from afar, I see my thoughts. The experience makes me linger with unbelievable tears of joy. But this is no usual event with a known algorithmic* pattern. Looks like something coming from unconscious mind not through the conscious mind to the the unconscious mind at the present moment without knowledge of the conscious mind. However it feels fantastic to watch how being human is like. It is like the spirit touring your body in a timeless world.. The number of times and how frequent it occurs cannot even be measured by science. Itself is a wonder of science. One it does not occur during conscious activity of brain and two your mind is taken so you levitate in the timeless gravity vacuum watching your spirit leave your body and that’s when you feel how it feels to …

Why do you grapple my freedom repress my voicebox?
Is JUSTICE in your dictionary?
You  languish in evil and get maximum undefined pleasure like a first timer with your heinous ambition when my kin desist from black powder
And as the perpetrators soak in heroic praise
Tell me, do you have a brother? A sister, a cousin perhaps?
Black Maria I speak to you
The power in my hands you cuff,
My tears they water your flowers
Why  do you deny my existence? And startle it?
Why do you riff-raff my opinion?
Do not be imbued by partisanship and blackmailed Black Maria
Do you  love me a drudge? A serf?
Is yourself free? From instruction and manipulation?
Do not drink my tears, they are toxic Black Maria
Are you a cannibal? Why do you love my soul bleeding?
Why are you married to lies?
Why do you still want me a blackleg?
You are the snake in my bed, the roach in my soup
Do you even mind my health?
My head wails with endless questions
Will you answer these in my crit…