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My world and our world

My life as a loner and a stoner, Puffing away my last seconds on earth To wisdom and the realities Of an entangled world Rooted and embedded in lies,  Heavily pregnant with dark misconceptions Atmosphere covered in greed, ignorance and egocentrism Sandwiched between narrow mindedness and bigotry, The planet I trot on, a stinking burst sewer with the fallen glory of paradise A tainted angel awaiting judgement day As a king captured in battle The horses will raise their forefeet in protest to the fire Royals  will hide behind strong heavily guarded walls But the doors will be weaker for the troubles Which will rage like the lake of burning sulphur Gold will have no value neither will diamond nor steel be strong And humanity will make humanity a laughing stork But my soul shall be free, full of light and energy roaming the universe From this stone here on the hill in the disappearing golden horizons this I envisage
It is well my soul, it is well…
   Orgasms of conflict

Two different worlds and I

 My head or my heart

 East or west

Today or tomorrow

 Me versus I

Love or solitude

The heat or the cold

My eyes were conscious of darkness and light too

Down under or up over

Life or death which was better?

Do I cross or not?

Patched thoughts, partially illuminated vision

Stagnated on a rickety time warning bridge over a smoky deep scary valley with no sanity

Runaway in a strange world, to walk on or not to, on the shaky rumbly pieces

Stuck in between despair and hope

The orgasms of conflict on a lonely bridge

                                                                    Orgasms of conflict on a lonely bridge
                                  Roaming soul infinity wanderer

My world is beautiful a charming  aurora of ideas

A galaxy of experience and stars that linger in awe even under the hot sun

Full of light, all lit up to the corners with perplexion

Glowy, pretty like a shooting star , I am one

I travel in darkness to dungeons of angry-hungry fire spitting dragons

And meditate on the nest of vipers over the crux under my cranium

Sometimes in the darkest bat caves ceilings I hang

Fear is a stranger, an enemy to the magnificent soul, a poison my system fears

Wilderness is home to the heart and through thicket I meander with jolly

On plain I trot slathered with curiosity enough to kill a pack

Worries safe cemented six feet under, a cross on the head, ‘forgive me father’ I mumble

Dreaded thorny paths and dingy alleys, the bleeding sore heels,

 I feel the sweet burning urge to walk on

Direction is a stranger my heart less trusts, a lie it believes in not

Time, not in my world, a perception to ro…
Molly jolly

Goose And rum by the evening fire Let it wash the melancholy down Let the tales tell the tales of yesterday And the evening country winds winnow the worries away That I may be engulfed in sweet hopes of the future With infinite leeways of thought floating in the stars My heart with love let it laugh at time and manipulate life My soul among great souls let it intertwine and be nourished  grace and wisdom my heart is never full not even tommorow let the crows announce night on their nests, the begining of a new cycle and in the fading horizons let my immortal dreams and visions dance the secret whispers of the trees my ears delight, let my mountains echo the owls and wolves for what is more than bullying or humbling your fears and not believing in death? My name is jolly molly

Jane Doe

Haunted Souls
I hear voices in my head Faint and loud Soft and heavy too. Strange voices I have heard yet not, I see dreams and visions, A world out of this world. Shapes and patterns I have never, I travel lands am yet to, or even don’t know f they exist. My heart skips to unfamiliar rhythms, With joy it leaps to enchanting vibrations emanating from nowhere. my soul hears strange wild howls, My follicles to the faint scary images they rise. my emotions to fear they freeze, and Like a hollow carcass I remain as I loose myself and disappear like ashes in a storm. I’m speaking to demons I don’t know their names “do this do that” they say I’m not myself am a haunted soul I feel the changes am a stranger to my own head. But am speaking to good demons I know.
… haunted souls…