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                  ****Government Relative****

The fall of the Hyperion is due
The world no longer revolves on its axis
Away from the wind the flag flies
To the chords of your harp
Nor the drums of lies
Does the heart throb
The farmer has sown
No ROTTEN SEED this time
His barns are already empty
And from hunger his weaned offspring whine
Tomorrow is a day
Not like today
Or any other
The jailbird is about to sing
The liberation song
With kisses that sting
From the blood on the priests' hand
Of the red and sore lips from the feast
Potties sagging stuffed with human sweat
Your sic whimsical invisible and "invincible" hand
To this gospel we deafen
The eagle's eye has seen sheer folly
The pedophilic words, subtle hisses and venomous bites
Our nerve you have touched
Your highway to hell we have decorated
The calm beast is weighed
With burning rage inside
Steal wings and fly if you think you can
Run, hide, but this trump call
This thunder, like Jericho will make you f…
Walk with your riches in your head, not your pocket.
Nightmares of my dreams   

Nightmares of my dreams haunt me
On this azure moonlight summer nights
My concentration pulled forth by forces of the raging full moon
Into the deep night
Karma it wasn’t because I took a bigger step “than I could” each time I took a step forward
So each each day I pray and hold hope inside the meek soul
That when my sole touches down landing,
The pad to be soft  to the supersonic speed of my feet
As I have been flying so long in this dream
In this cosmos yet to be discovered
Or seen with the naked blind eye
But visible  to the sharp  blind one
and when I feel my heartbeats rise,
Selflessness crippling  every bone and joint
Not  many feel it
My soul ashes to the raging winds
smoke in these cool summer evenings
high I rise or deeply get lost within
unlocking this unlock able  puzzle
constructing and putting pieces together
like a mad artiste or an alien architect
a producer, creating art
for the artiste I was few saw the
patched pie…
Mr okay
I just  dropped my last coin I don’t know where but its okay.                              I didn’t cry last night Am a man that’s me, okay? I can’t cross this bridge, Am I okay? Unanswered questions roaming my head Is that okay? I have nothing And perhaps know nothing Should I feel okay? You called me a distasteful name? Am fine I'll be okay If you didn’t Honor your promise Don’t worry I'll be okay If death took you away Should I never be forever okay? Everything is a passing wind Not meant to make me okay A second is too long not to be okay
Am Mr okay
These walls

Lets hide behind these walls

Yes lets hide,

Because we’re afraid of this ethnic shadows

Lets hide this faces from this dim  truth

For we are masked in ambitious jealousies and beautiful ego

And forget tomorrow the sun will brightly glow

And these ugly marks on these wall we shall see

These walls we build the ants will climb

Regrets an time will shake them down

These walls we build….

we are no masons

Nor architects

Lets drink from this cup of lies

And quench this  thirst of flesh

Replenished?  Then pickup and  lay this stone

These  walls you build shoddy workmen…

These walls will crumble and annihilate us…

Hopefully someday

Bohemian bottle
Ooh old bohemian bottle How you pass down my throttle Into my fatty stuffed intestines Your iciness cools this hot thought And relieves of this chronic pain The way you make Picasso a follower and Da Vinci a leaner you awaken bohemian bottle
But why me to you a slave? A dredge, a serf? This potbelly for you I carry without remunerations Not to mention recognitions My instincts on the very first day unconsciously  you stole This beautiful ugly love and hate moments with friends and strangers The funny and silly times Confidence and freakiness That you bring How else could I have wanted it?
You confuse me To love you or hate you? Be with you or leave you? You’ve been with me in emotional times Sad and happy When I had everything and nothing Much and less too But you deserted me too When my pocket was yawning And I couldn’t sit from its sharp pinching nails On my sitting allowances
But my ego died Revenge is not an option Because I can’t stop thinking about you Bohemian bottle
Good evening times  back from…
Better days

Better days like a bride they make me smile with disbelief for ever With ceremonious joy my heart over the brink it overflows And with caring warmth they cover my tender light  skin. I just cant tell how with vehement hope my dreary drained heart is caressed and illuminated With eye-blind diligence my fears are shred to the tumble of the looming and rising babellious worries Like a believer I polish my faith with meek humility and pregnant patience for yet-to-be witnessed greatness with love to blossom like cherries in winter over unmarked boundaries With hue and charm I sleep like a man hoping to wake up a father To wash my face with cold water and see the blessings of prosperous and glorious moments embedded in a charming tomorrow like trait in dna  

                           Italian goddess

Hey Western roe doe

Love me, my heart is filled with nutmeg,

My lips ooze caramel like an icecream on cone on a summer noon
and my words milky

I’ll  kiss your tender skin with the pleasure of a new born on its mothers nipple

And trickle your deepest joy in every nerve of your brain

Blow away your mind like chaff to Arabian monsoons

Brighten your day than these diamonds under the stars

Joyful as parrots and horn bills of the woods each summer morning

To be your fire in winter, the  only candy and apple of your eye

Soaking your primrose smelling  sheets in the lonely lifeless nights is my desire

To play with your adrenaline like a bungee into a deep manifested river, the first ever 

A classical symphony to your forever ageless soul my heartbeat shall forever  skip,

Myself crumbles like a wall hit by a nuclear indeed you are a terrorist

Goddess of ecstasy, venom of thy heart

Sanity escapes me, the syrup of my royal golden sleep

Our hearts have been bone broken, …

I stole your heart like an Italian classic on display
in the glass shops in the uptown Milan streets to a thirsty window shopper
a renowned designers piece on the runway of London fashion week
I used to be in your closet
Now I rest in your bin
A daily preference
Now even a second not
From your bed to your door step
We wake up from dreams, tragic ones too
Magic is black, sometimes
No promised fairy dreams
But on empty roads we haste in search of
In jungles we roar amidst the fright inside
In crowds we make way to find
In this same pool we swim
The potential to drown equals to walk on
So we buoy on with hope and faith
As long as our strokes can hold us
Sing me a love song, a sweet one with that dove love magical voice
Before the candle goes off and my spirit "dies out"
Before I am donated to a faraway land
To a pig sty, a farmers soiled shoulders
Maybe a lumberjacks oily patched ribs
From Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Fendi fumes
to bushy sweaty armpits
SOMETIMES time means …
Living soul

Fears of the soul Fears of the mind Fears of the heart All this is nothing But a hindrance Of you Being or becoming Yourself.

Remember, Yourself Is great Greater than Any other soul. You are A god Living soul.
Hall of fame
Dear hall of fame do you hear me calling? I know my name you heard not Neither do you know how to spell Nor pronounce Like of a chemical on a mine in the Arabians Try Khairayvganstanium That’s just how rare I am I know you know me, just playing dumb I’ve been thinking too much About YOU, and YOU only Do you ever think of me? Am about to get to your walls Even if this paint rips off I shall still be there Not maybe for everyone to see Distinct minds ripple my joy And give me the wonder world of the oasis in the ocean Maybe in the few hidden books I shall survive If I didn’t step not on the red but white carpet Because Beat boxing, I am no master And the prettiest voice may only be my dream But what else than this own mind? That makes me a psycho If I was born mad Take me to church And pray for my soul Because this is not greatness that I feel The hall of fame might be too small. 
If I never touched the Nobel prize nor was I a nominee
know my eyes and heart were at it.
Fallen god.
If these streets loved you And time was your only friend Ooh fallen god The stars would have dimmed and fallen from space And the sun died from obsolescence and jealousy If only chance fell in to your constant seductions Wishes would have been witnesses and not horses Of dreams not in slumber but in sober, conscious broad day light thought The whispers of thought would be too loud  For every blind eye to see Enough to instantly drown despair In a fraction of a nanosecond And reserve for me among the gods In history books my name in unerasable ink I would rule the universe if I had chance
But I rule my universe, am a fallen god
Blue cheese
Hey blue cheese You tickle my taste buds And make me think of you Every lunch, breakfast and dinner Before I take every stroke of breath And my squashy lips taste you, You are lip licking good and mouth watering bad If I had a way to cuff you, I would throw you into this abyss To get lost in it and feel the Bermudas triangle effect you create on my thought Like a moth to the fan I am blinded My emotions like earth oven bread they are baked, Ripe like the raspberries and thick with juice, a juice maker would say Let my tongue feel the anticipation of the salivary glands from the delicacies before my wolf hungry eyes You are  finesse like aged Italian Gorgonzola, Roquefort papillon

The way you melt with sexiness under the hot sun Like a slice of cheese on a cheese burger You must have been prepared by a professional old chef Endowed with age old hands on experience Your room, a seven star kitchen The hot fresh aroma on a cold chilly morning, Not shrimp, not lobster not fried crab garlic, cori…