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Demi lovato

Sorry am not sorry Am savage You make a bad boy feelgood And a good boy feel bad Your long neck drives the white matter into a prurient frenzy And garrotes the grey matter with such phenomenalradiance If twas a game... pelota,emotions pizzicato Am in, this’ a Masters... and am a veteran So when this venomous thought sparks And the fire rages Don’t leave me burning Take the cylinder and put it out Or break the pump So I may burn down to ashesbeyond recognition over this nervous disposition eating me up like a worm I wanted a Picasso’s, a monalisa here you are, like you came from my dream the angel the other night am your parrot in the cage I’ll echo your voice each time you speak For this is an obsession And if they saw how your soul spoke to ma soul It will be like something they never seen A mirror in another mirror Would you tell thereflection? Perfect crime You steal and kill without a gun
She still
She still Dreams Of Good boys And grand weddings Of a person Who’ll rub her back And scratch her rib Slowly and sensationally all night long And all her infinite fantasies Are of a gentleman Who’ll carry her bag In the store  or to church  to bribe god  And one who'll bring her breakfast in bed in winter Candle lit dinners on summers  a million surprises in romantic of ambiances  and uncountable roses on uncountable days uncountable times too She still... wishes for a bad boy Who’ll never hurt her but cook for her and kick the fire out of her ass as the slow sounds of jazz eat up her soul as she feels his strokes throb erroneously in her aorta she still... prays for a good boy a little bad but sent from heaven just for her who’ll; do her garments when she’s heavy and the utensils too especially when she is on energy saving mode and make her some fresh mango juice as she catches her favorite opera she still... hopes to find the one who hits it repeatedly  like a mad intoxicated batman from Wichita eyeing the…