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Dear college faculty I need to understand myself

How I wish my college faculty n others changed it from community studies to self/individual studies. We should or should have spent more and a lot of time discovering and understanding ourselves rather than studying society. Society is me and you. Unfortunately we do not understand ourselves so how do we understand others? The self is greater than the masses because the self can change the masses( through collective action) . However the masses can't change the self if its not ready to. The masses also shouldn't change the self (except if the self has no positive values) because it is the self that dictates the values that are accepted by the same society as right. If we understand ourselves: our souls, our mind and our hearts then we will no longer follow the masses blindly but we can make the masses follow us due to freedom of conscience. We all desire to live in a Utopian society. But first are we…

karaniwalter: #mysterious mindsthey live in and feed from th...

karaniwalter: #mysterious minds

they live in and feed from th...
: #mysterious minds they live in and feed from their own heads they pity the world and smile in the one deep within they fear nothing ...
Mysterious minds

they live in and feed from their own heads

and travel untold but mentally documented journeys

they pity the world and smile in the one deep within

they fear nothing outside but bank on the strength inside

they devour negative opinion but flourish on knowledge and criticism

they know no boundaries neither can they create some

they create not recycle

they dream and see BUT do not believe in infinity

I, the only name they know, adore and value

Now, they live

and US they think


mysterious minds.

The message of hope

I wanna taste the colors of the rainbow, For I have seen the ugliness of darkness. Under the sun I have burnt, But felt good to be kissed by the evening winds. In the raging rains I have soaked and felt how it is like.
I lost my heart and mind ,  Now I have no home, I even envy the street child because he has a home, the streets. Now am a wonderer, am a searcher, Searching for the unsearchable, hunting for the un-hunted. Am homeless in my own home, I wanna look down at the skies and smile.
I have troubled, I have crumbled, Down I have gone, many times, But I have risen, more than many times. I have trusted my wings to carry me again and again, Because there is power, higher in the air, than deep  in the ground, six feet. Because there is more hope in sunset than sun rise.
I bank on my hope I will carry the world on my shoulders, That I will kiss tomorrow and the days after. To fill my stomach and quench my thirst, And the winds to turn my sails, To win all my battles, conquer heart…
Scalene triangle

My vision you jumble My hopes they dangle,… threateningly My life you strangle  Scalene triangle, my life you rule And without care you watch, scalene triangle
My taxes , their pockets inflated, mine perforated My healthcare deteriorated, theirs over rated My education system nascent still, others Harvard, oxford, cambridge My roads muddy, theirs tarmacked, passports diplomatic And without care you watch, scalene triangle.
Insecurity,  trouble in the ghetto, others paradise, heaven. Resources scarcity  , violence, brutality Short, tall ,thin thick ,dark, pale Wickedness , mentality , narrow mindedness, bigotry And without care you watch, scalene triangle
Make us equal scalene, we are.
Who are you to judge me color blind? Tell me why do you judge my heart, You Paint me a color I ain’t as I watch, poor defenseless me. My skin is just like yours Let its color and texture not blind you. Every thought you scrutinize ,  my mind creaky you see it but not the beauty of the rainbow on it. Your shortsighted eyes beyond my vision they see Ooh visionless man I am mesmerized. Your heart is dark, will you see my beautiful multicolored one colorblind? My choices you rumble about and even despise You draw my shadow even when the sun is under On rough surfaces you sketch my image My paintings you scorn the tone My coloring book you take which picture do you want to paint me colorblind? You want to buy me roses but which color will you pick? I still wonder
Colorblind now tell me how you see all this.
You are a god, man you are god,, a sleeping god. Sleep is evil. Be wide awake even in your deepest of sleeps and you will walk majestically in the den of lions and  will live without fear in the pit of the deadliest of vipers , I guarantee you to remain unshaken in the strongest of storms or the mightiest of quakes and neither will you sink in the violent of waves. Just have the kind of faith to walk through the doors of hell unburnt.
Her legs when she walks,
Steps magical but critical, enticing and full of enthusiasm,
Rhyming my heartbeat I feel her inside me, my head, my world
I can’t help but watch as she fades into distance but not my mind and soul.
I’m in love, I love the chiefs’ daughter, with every nerve root.

Her star glowy smile energises every atom on my neurons,
Her teeth, whiter than white
Makes her smile veer off men of religion and dignity in cloaks,
Twinkle twinkle, goes the stars when she stares
I’m in love, I love the chiefs’ daughter, my bones can tell.

Oozing with morals and standards, a goddess of ethics
Her character groomed by a man of substance, pure she is like a sacrifice
She has a heart, brighter than the sun and bigger than the world
A heart I feel myself inside, a heart of gold
I’m in love, I love the chiefs’ daughter to the marrow.

She stands tall, taller than her peers and taller than her height too,
My mind she puts on the grey area and on my brain she sits on the grey matter,
Extra judicial killings              Insecurity
Troubles of a troubled soul
if man falleth, let it be known he falleth with wisdom
if man died let it be known he died courageously in battles unseen to the naked human eye
if man crumbled and succumbed, blame it not on his desires and pleasures but thy will of thy heart
if man slipped stumbled lie not his heart
if man drooped, with humility he did, let it be clear
if he raptures not to the pressures but the ticking of the clock
if his eyes glaze his spirit with glissando it shatters
if man vanished from existence with diligence know he did
if man surrendered to life, let the world know he did it with unprecedented grace that he may live longer than his troubled thoughts.

Early in the wee morning I sing,
I sing with joy,
Joy from deep within the heart,
A heartfelt love for the new day.
I sing the hummingbirds song , I sing like an Indian  goddess.

In the midmorning I sing,
 I sing as I peck on aphids, Aphids that fill my stomach and give me renewed strength,
Strength that replenishes my soul.
I sing the hummingbirds song I sing like an Indian goddess.

In the midday sun I sing,
I sing as I dip my beak deep down the beautiful flowers for nectar,
Nectar that reminds me the sweetness and essence of life,
Life that every creature desires.
I sing the hummingbirds, song I sing like an Indian goddess.

In the afternoon heat I sing,
I sing as I flap my bright beautiful wings in a pool to cool my body,
My body that dances with joy on the branches,
Branches unfamiliar but that I still call home.
I sing the hummingbirds song, I sing like an Indian goddess.

In the evening I sing,
I sing in the nest and praise,
Praise for the days life and the days blessings,
You cut me down,
And burn me up,
I live, I feel the pain too,
I have a life just like you, I am a tree

You cut down my little ones,not sparing the mature ones too,
Round the clock, you mill them,
I live, I feel the pain too,
I have a life just like you’ I am a tree.

Dong! Dong! Dong! You nail,
With sophisticated drills, holes of all sizes you drill ,
I live, I feel the pain too,
I have a life just like you, I am a tree.

You step on us, your magnificent royal floors, under your feet you think we deserve
spare me the dirt and your hundreds of pounds, spare me the sandpaper,
You ink on me, love and hate, all that I watch silently.
Your toilet, our new homes,
I live, I feel the pain too,
I have a life just like you, I am a tree.

Cut me down , I will proudly cut your oxygen,
Burn me up in your stove, let the drought kiss you,
Take care of me, I will take care of you, let me make beautiful your habitat,
But remember I live, I feel the pain too,
I have a life just like you, I am a tree.

My eyes are fiery like that of a sub saharan lion. My moves are calculated like a cheetah on the hunt I watch my steps like a big cat , indeed am one. My ears are ready like a mouse to pick up any life saving tip in case 'Mr parliament' is here to frustrate my survival, poor mortal man. My next moves are calculated like those of a fish eating eagle up in the sky Am frustrated like mother ostrich when her nest is on fire Am raging, raging like an angry elephant unsettled like an upset rhino this is how it feels to be wild. Still they have to love me even if I look like a warthog. I will hiss if they dont like because we humans hiss more than reptiles these days. I will sting I have the venom when my territory is invaded on the white sands. Things won't slither away like a green mamba in thick bushes, My owl eyes are here to watch them day and night, My vulture claws spread out ready nothing is passing by, My jaws are ready…
Life cycles

I like it when my brain slowly from "sleep", like all life anticipates the first raindrops of the first rains after a drought, then reacts like two explosive chemicals or acids mixed, then ..everything calms down like the last roar of a storm or the last drop of a once again comes back to peace and another different cycle takes over.

Discover the universe while it still has given you the chance to. One day you won't see anything if you don't create light today that you will use to disperse darkness tomorrow. Some people travel to space in spacesuits while others travel to space on hard stools. The two are equally important because the once in spacesuits more than once first traveled to space while on a hard stool.


I live for the night because I get born in it

Mesmerised by the evening light

These street lights and the disappearing horizon turn me on

I wanna dance in the dark
When no one is seeing me

My desire is to live in the stars

Because I am

My light, my happiness, deep within

My dark inside lit up and the darkness scared away

Let me glow and stop feeling human for a moment

Maybe I will know how it feels like and it is to be human

Lighting up your own path and walking in darkness

Without fear

Wisdom, knowledge and truth hidden in our darkest corners is what we yearn

Not money to earn

Let your soul shine and illuminate them

That you may know yourself

And walk on these less trodden, thorny, dreaded and forgotten paths.

Where evil and ignorance lie and lurk in the dark waiting to prey on us

Because you have the light and need not to fear for you are the light of the world

Shine because you are the light
The tallest structures are not on earth neither in our cities
The deepest abyss and the broadest paths on the world we shouldn't search

                                                             OUR THOUGHTS.

Resting Souls
Ooh the resting souls,

Ooh the resting hearts,

Beautiful is your home

And freedom is your language,

Ooh resting souls how lucky you are.

Heart..heart...heart....HEART!!! Please please please...

If by any means you wake up, breathe,

Breathe life living soul

Do it when the air is still clean,

Inhale as much as you can before the  smog chokes you,

and the fog blinds

If you still alive breathe,

Breathe the air of life that you may still live again.

These heights wish to know us

Lucky you are ooh resting souls.