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What’s love if I don’t paint a picture, “in a picture maybe”

What’s love if I don’t feelan emotion Or what’s love if I ignore that notion What’s love if I don’t drink of that concoction what's love if I don't believe there's a portion of me out there what's love if I don't understand myself then pose to believe I know you my love.
what's this four letter word?

TO EVERY SOUL;                                                 


You were born to be a co creator of the universe. To make all pieces in your pathfall into place. Be the realest version of you, that’s all you were meant to be. You are your own light, glow. After all that wait to have you, it's not worthy and logical to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
TUKU MUSIC They say life is like a candle out in the winds and our entirety in this universe a ticking time bomb. We are born on a soil that afterwards desire to walk on and leave glowing soles to a nourished souls. It’s been sang about, wrote about but still everyone is composing , refining their notes and painters mixing their colors. We are clinging onto something invisible if not walking towards its edge and not knowing  we dangling on its end. None smiles when robbed by this invisible infiniteness that lingers in a ghost cloud somewhere over, under, beside, in-front or rear.As I patiently waitfor this heavy cloud of dust to settle on my weaned weary and heavy heart I’m still flying under a dark cloud , riding on a strange chariot but I thank the universe for my path has been illuminated by a distant star that rises even when the sun fails and twinkles in the night skies when the moon is asleep behind heavy clouds. In TUKU MUSIC we found the love , harvested the joy and drunk the ins…

The road to the end with no bend or end

The road to the end with no bend or end
In the days of yore before the time of Christopher Columbus it was said that if you sailed too far west you would fall off the edge of the world, however this was just a belief as time has come to prove but today I don't intend to prove anything but offer my blind eyes to you to see. From dusk to dawn, when men open up their heavy eyelids or before they shut them up something invisible has gnawed on them for eons and aeon. Walking, running, crawling, sitting, flying, standing or presumably lying down, an un-imaginable shadow has always fallen over us. Humanity has been plagued with an intricate surprising intoxication that to me has sensibly driven them further away from themselves. In men’s hearts and souls lie empty bottomless pits and unthinkable voids that their noble minds seem to have failed to fill. It is a quest that he is on till the end of his road. It however is such a long road that comes short at the end of their life. Such a sad…
Mama Afrika
You have no surrogate and pure you borne Souls of gold and spirits of fire, alien dreams too Oh hast thou your dark unseen magic & your miraculous blackness Mummified immortaly on your legendary soil The lands of the underground undiscovered gods and goddesses The sons and daughters Lwanda magere , Nelson Mandela , Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and all the vicious lions andlionesses the fat cabs and lonely strange owlets in your savannah and forests ...Oh Afrika ... ...oh Afrika... Your melody resonates sweetly into the souls ear just as the queer voicesfrom your frightening bushes your love squeezes the heart with the wild enthusiasm of your fearful jungle as sweet tears roll down to the stomach with the chilliness of western winter am enraptured by the wisdom buried in your dark soils and scribbled on your temples and the awakening inspiration on our ancestors cave walls The black hole mystery you posses You make me fall in love with cosmology Each second I can feel you r…
THE DAY OF THE PIG Let’s talk about the system and all the bullshit too Telling a grown ass man to stand behind another grown ass man When the same man can’t stand ground for himself His inner coat pocket lined with a brown parcel Thieves busy stoning another thief Judas offering and tithing in the cathedral And yes he’s godsend “So and so is the man and he will be” the poll says... What do you think you telling us Mr. old wise duck? You never get out of your expensive cocoon To feel this midday blaze Learned but still drowned in the evil haze Are you a prophet or just another mad man pretending sane? Do your homework “dad” Get out of my sphere Coz its clear in between my visions and yours there’s a lot to fear You can’t make me want what you want I’m no longer the ant under your sole So stop pretending your good is for my soul When the earth I sole on is grabbed and sold long gone You not Moses, you feared the burning bush and never removed your shoes Yet you wanted to leave that legacy under your feet Poli…
I search for invisible things in the air hoping there is where you are, and where they are Sipping on empty things to wash down the entrapped errant despair and Piping all day, hoping this holy smoke carries to your deepestchambers whispers of my succumbing tender lungs with ultimate timeless love & care Pipe & cup all day long, to fill this limitless void caved inside, where sight has no glance not even when all those candles glowing around yourepitaph And the wild birds of air echo this long voiceless symphony from every alveolus, my assumption-less assumption assumes... I hope you are a phoenix... In the end, pleasing psychometric findings to be awarded, for every prayer never rewarded and answer for every obbligato question posed because the saddest ones always start with why?  and why after that why there seems to be no zed?  But its subliminal that’s why I don’t seem to understand... Evanescence is not a part of the fading flesh, never of the glowing spirit  Be …