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  FUTURISM. THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE.   A salsa dance in the sky or a wedding on the moon is a valid dream as the mere thought of it. Well, it’s a couple of months to the end of the year and as my ritual to the gods of writing an end year post on their altar is the only sacrifice that suffices their spirits. If you are an avid reader of my blog, you know that I like to go deep a bit, and this is a reminder that I may take a substantial time of your present and future if you allow me to. Its summer in one or two months on this side of earth and it’s the season a greater percentage of us anticipate. We love to work our asses off, save or loot from other men and wait to go splash our hard-earned cash on white pristine beaches or the hot countryside reuniting with our folks to feel the ecstasy of these long-preserved moments buried in the fast-fading present. Bonding is precious however good times seem not to last long and sooner than we anticipate we hit the road again to “mould our tomorro
  OPINION In a world of free things nothing is free have you ever thought to yourself? And now since everything has a price tag how worthy is your opinion in the modern world then? Man is an animal, a social creature de facto, but what is it that makes him see his own independent value noble from the rest of his race? Could we assume that stratification is some normal order of the universe we live in? It’s not only among man that exists ranks but in the whole of the animal kingdom from bees, mites to even lions with each set of class or rank performing a specific role or task in most cases. In business terms we may term it as specialization. As far as history can take us through books we get to learn of the partisan nature of man and his organization ethnographically.   At no point have we ever seen man rely on his self solely. He hunted in groups and lived in caves as family. It is this group politics (affair) that has led to development of society and advancement of social struct
  A WALK INTO TIME, A JOURNEY THROUGH TIME.   It’s 2021 and I am going through a thought in time but I don’t know how long it has been or how old it is the moment I’m reviewing this. Were it wine it would have grown richer in taste, darker in tone and would now be able to raise the taste buds by sheer anticipation at the mention of the name. If it were Italian gorgonzola or swiss cheese the bucks would’ve gone up steadily. Sometime back a couple of months or years ago if I am not wrong didn’t know then that I know now. A thought flashed through my mind and I thought it could be brilliant idea that could make a TED talk (I rarely listen or watch them because of reasons best known to me). It was about time. The thought slipped into the blues but till today about now it still lingers in my subconscious mind as it has come to prove. I hold curious views about the subject matter for very complex reason that I cannot be able to substantiate physically. I don’t know how I may validate t


  WHITE CHRISTMAS How I wish I was old enough (not as Poe though) and bucks flowing through my pocket on a vacation with my hot dame out slowly melting fats on the white sands of some paradise else-where. What a silly dream though? For a moment I stop to wonder why human daydreams and fantasies are spooky than their nightmares. If I had a David Hurley I wouldn’t want anyone on it on such a day but few packets, some sausages, ham and some rum too for the love of the wild country road and its charming roaring winds. I wouldn’t mind to listen to the voice messages the day after in my cold mountain log cabin as sparrows and squeals of the day before fill the pregnant ether. Usually I‘m not a wet blanket so if I woke up at ten with drops of ethane and wormwood still suspended in my uppercase inhaling what the a stranger in my bed is exhaling,clearly,the carols would remind me which day it was before finally being blinded by red. Two almost three decades that have melted into sweet  or


A BOOK REVIEW OF DRIVE BY DR. WALE AKINYEMI It’s a slow lazy Sunday and the passengers on the outbound mid-morning flight seem to be eager to fly to the coast away from all the capital frenzy, in my hands I have two passports with a familiar name. “Excuse me are you the writer?” “Yes I am” “Do you have any of my books?” “No” “Okay” He instructs a young man probably in his teens who looks like his son who chucks out a book. My true feelings can only be expressed by a cardiograph as I wait patiently. What a day what a moment what a gift . ” Keep winning” he autographed, well it seemed like a magical spell had been cast but I have never understood why such moments never actually last long and why they happen so rarely in our lives. It’s really important for us to be much vigilant of opportunities and on such an occurrence then I can now affirm why one philanthropist said success comes in odd hours. Five years ago I made an inter campus transfer to the capital and the reason


  You’ve read the title and I definitely don’t know what’s running through your mind right now. It might be empty or full of thought(s) on the subject but trust me I might be there with you right in your head.   Some scanty knowledge might be good or nothing and so you came to this unknown writer’s space that he may conjure up something in you or your mind. I definitely might not know what you know and from your side also might not know what I know and up to that point I wish us to take each other’s side to these unknowns. In William Blake's words "Could we see the world in a grain of sand?" Or would it be fair for me and you to grant it poetic license? We live in a muse ; I don’t know if you agree, hold on to that belief, whether you will subscribe to it or what your thoughts about it are. I don’t know what you think of when you wake up, eat, drink, work, walk, lazy around or sleep. To sum it up I don’t know what runs through your mind for the millions of nanoseconds t
SELFIES. They taking selfies in the mirrors but still don’t know who they are.