She still

She still
Dreams Of
Good boys
And grand weddings
Of a person
Who’ll rub her back
And scratch her rib
Slowly and sensationally all night long
And all her infinite fantasies
Are of a gentleman
Who’ll carry her bag
In the store 
or to church 
to bribe god 
And one who'll bring her
breakfast in bed in winter
Candle lit dinners on summers 
a million surprises in romantic of ambiances 
and uncountable roses on uncountable days
uncountable times too
She still...
wishes for a bad boy
Who’ll never hurt her
but cook for her
and kick the fire out of her ass
as the slow sounds of jazz eat up her soul
as she feels his strokes throb erroneously in her aorta
she still...
prays for a good boy
a little bad
but sent from heaven
just for her
do her garments when she’s heavy
and the utensils too
especially when she is on energy saving mode
and make her some fresh mango juice
as she catches her favorite opera
she still...
hopes to find the one who hits it repeatedly 
like a mad intoxicated batman from Wichita
eyeing the mighty sox
or the ruthless eagles
she gets older
each day
but still
waits for a man from heaven not hell
who'll die for her as she is still living
she still
stays hopeful
and still
she still


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