Tomorrow I must dream

Hard floors

Rickety doors

Downgraded chores

Pockets with pores

Tomorrow I must dream

A dream bigger than the world

Trillion dollar dream

If  I vividly I had to contrast

In the dark forests

On slippery branches I’ll swing

Slowly on the quicksand

Under the furious  suicidal high ocean wave,

High above the uncompetable Everest  I’ll fly

Less a grain of worry 

Polished and sparkling with hope,

My wings, fins and grip stronger shall grow

                                                                                                                               I  TRUST

Night bird, these owl eyes must witness

                                              This conspicuous dream

                                                                 In pregnant daylight

                    To silence these silent cries

And subtle this serrated despairs

Tomorrow I must dream

A dream I never have

Of barns full in a drought

Of an ocean in a desert

Before sunrise or sunset, tomorrow I must dream


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