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Hi there
I see you huh!
You say you’re fine
But nah you ain't

Your scotch brown dreads
Speak of resilience
And your dark skin
That drips dark chocolate like sweat in the cold

Know much of the merciless scotching of the sun
And the tear gas pregnant air
Wandering bullets voices
That speak with silence

You say you have been robbed of huh?
You know your right, right?
But you die with silent murmurs

The walking moody stump
Didn’t care to say hello on Monday

Neither goodbye on a Friday
Price of wind

Tell me the price of wind I wanna buy it And stuff it in my room All to myself as they are busy fighting for oil Not to blow my secrets away But fly me across the world Like the witches broom
How many bucks or pennies for it? For my study lamp all night Or ounces of gold To cast despair away and bellow forth felicity The whispers of the devils in the other worlds I wanna hear
What cost does it take For the wind vane to point my direction? I wanna sway Like the coconut And palm trees in the storm From the unwavering energy Tell me the price of wind I wanna buy it.
Not yet uhuru
My back aches when I rest
With pain my nerves glow
My consciousness,  they suppress not to grow
In the veins , tiredness I can feel it flow
I cant sleep, there’s water on the floor
My soles from the journeys might blow
This is a hustle not a show
You better wake up at four
And use your mental  fingers to draw
If you desire a little more
Stay true to your core

It’s not yet uhuru

Aunt Penny's telegram was short and it read “HELLO HOWDY DOODY  WORK HARD, YOU WILL BE GREAT”
soothsayer's tooth

Oh! Am lucky

lucky like the soothsayers tooth
This is for you Martha

You inspire me as Jesus to a wannabe saint

The raging wind to a dying fire 

An atom of Oxygen on burning coal

This spark, now I can roar and thunder again

This is for you Martha